Castor oil for weight loss

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Castor oil for weight loss

Castor oil has long been famous for its beneficial properties. It can be used to treat various diseases, such as drinking castor oil to cleanse the intestines. And today I would like to talk about the benefits of castorca for weight loss. Let’s learn how to use this oil to quickly remove cellulite and those extra pounds.

Does Castor Oil Help Cellulite?

Castor oil is widely used in the fight against cellulite. With it, massages are made that contribute to the burning of fat deposits. It moisturizes and tightens the skin.

To prepare the mixture to combat cellulite will need:

  • Castor oil.
  • Essential oil of cedar.
  • Essential oil of lavender.
  • Lemon essential oil.
  • Grapefruit essential oil.

Castor oil for weight loss

All this is thoroughly mixed, and rub into problem areas.

You can also use castor oil yourself, without any additives in the form of rubbing and wrapping:

  1. Rub and pinch problem areas after taking a hot shower.
  2. To do anti-cellulite wrapping. Dampen cotton pads with oil, apply to affected areas and roll with cellophane, it is good to insulate. Wash off with a warm shower after 45 minutes.

How to take castor oil for weight loss at night

When fighting extra pounds, castor oil helps cleanse the body. The recipe for making remedies for weight loss with lemon and oil is very simple:

  • Castor oil is poured into one container with the calculation of 1 gram of oil per 1 kg of weight.
  • In the second container, lemon is squeezed, by volume twice as large as in the first container.
  • How to take: one sip is drunk the first container, and the second is washed down.

Before you start eating the mixture, you can not eat food for 5 hours, so that the stomach was empty. After taking nausea may appear, so it is better to carry out the procedure at night. Strictly comply with the dose.

During the cleansing of the body, you can add brandy to castor oil, this way you can get rid of worms, if of course they are. Additionally, you can do enemas, they are eliminated by starvation, and the body is cleansed of toxins.

To boldly apply castor oil you need to know what the oil is made of. Its composition is: castor bean, linoleic and oleic acid, ricinoleic acid.

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Contraindications, benefits and harm

The use of castorca can provoke exacerbations of certain diseases. Therefore, there are contraindications to the reception:

  • With inflammatory processes in the intestines, with gastritis and diarrhea.
  • Ulcer, tendency to constipation.
  • Oil increases blood circulation, therefore it is forbidden during menstruation.
  • During pregnancy and lactation.
  • You can not take castor oil if it has expired.

Castor oil for weight loss

It is necessary to refuse admission if you are hypersensitive to the product. If the dosage is observed, the remedy will bring only positive results. And if you ignore all the recommendations will be harmed by the body.

Also, for cleansing the intestines, you can use a number of other ways. Learn more about them.

Real reviews

Now you know how to use castor oil to get rid of cellulite and excess weight. Use the recipe correctly, follow the advice and do not forget about proper nutrition – it helps to lose weight better than any means.

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