Ulcer under the lip
From time immemorial such a truth is known – we are what we eat.
Facial nerve damage
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Tetracycline for eyes
SHORT STORY OF THE AFGHAN WAR 15 May 1988, one of the battalions of
Sore lips
Climax forced to take the hormonal drug Angelique (on the recommendation of the gynecologist).
What does the left eyebrow scratch
As Victor Hugo used to say, a person has as many as three characters:
Facial sweating remedy
Formalin as a formaldehyde solution. Main areas of application of technical formalin Formalin is
Few ballet stars managed to play their lives like this, like Rudolf Nuriev. Here,
Neck wrinkles at 20
It is known that the neck is susceptible to fading due to the thinness
Calories table in foods
Reading articles about the beneficial properties of plants, you probably often come across an
Aristocratic features
Historians do not know the exact origin of the name Yuli, but there is
Languishing eyes
Very easy and interesting. But the ending. Why did she put them back? Chronicles
How to remove scars on the face
I want to thank the wonderful dermatocosmetologist Platov Yuliya for the amazing work on
Powerful photo editor with background replacement! Rapid enhancement and retouching of your photos Over
Why is itching eyes
Even the most caring owners happen to have a pet that begins to experience
Do you know that eyes can tell a lot about your personality? Just as