Treatment of adenoids folk remedies
Adenoids, or glands, have every person. This is a small amygdala, which is located
Treatment of thrush during lactation
Thrush is common in pregnancy. This has its own reasons, which consist in the
Antibiotics for purulent wounds
Author: Kalashnikov doctor Our body is a complex biological system with a huge potential
Coffee and pressure
Coffee is a favorite drink of many. Someone drinks it only in the morning
Glaucoma treatment drops
Glaucoma treatment with drops Today, glaucoma is one of the most common eye diseases
If the menstruation is long
Every woman laments the fact that menstruation takes a long time – they take
Acute purulent sinusitis
Sinusitis – a diagnosis that scares patients. First of all, it frightens with difficulties
Sour milk biscuits
-Headings Baking (161) Recipes for the New Year (158) Billets for the winter (124)
Treatment of cervical inflammation
Inflammation of the uterus – is a pathological process resulting from joint or isolated
The monitor does not turn on the light is on
In most cases, the reason that the monitor does not turn on or there
Why back pain during menstruation
A big problem for very young girls and mature women are painful periods (dysmenorrhea).
How to remove drainage after surgery
Is there a need to stay in intensive care? Very often, patients ask me
Ear pain remedy
Quite often, during cold and viral diseases, ears begin to ache. This happens due
Herpes virus type 6
Human herpes virus type 6 (HHV-6) is a type of herpes whose carrier is
Kalina with pressure
Since ancient times, man knows the healing properties of viburnum red for hypertension. Apply