Brain cyst

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I join the “honors” in the direction of so called doctors … I hope the Lord will reward each of them for all the good … After all, everyone really has children, grandchildren,

This Plavsky Pavel Nikolaevich (Neurosurgeon, Kiev) ruined my daughter. What would you die

And how could it be staked, they were operated in the institute of neurocheal?

Brain cyst

Lyudska zazdrіst is not made between (((

Can I talk to you, since we are going to see this doctor for a consultation, please.

I want to leave my feedback about employees

Fortunately, now I can share my experience and say exactly what is true and what is not. I hope that my review will really help someone. A week ago, I did an MRI of the waist and sat down in search of a neurosurgeon in Kiev,

I don’t know who has what fate, but I don’t need to row all the doctors with the same comb. When I learned that my daughter has an Anaplosis astrocytoma 3st. and I had a big panic and the search for a good surgeon was sent to us before one and the other. As a result, Plavskie Pavel Nikolaevich and Plavsky Nikolai Vitalyevich took over us and I am thankful for meeting them. The operation was very difficult, but it was great. miracle. My daughters are 16 years old before the surgery. She stopped walking, her eyesight was gone and she led the left side. It was just a nightmare, but I believed and

A big request to you Svetlana. Tell me how to contact them. Thank you in advance.

Fully agree, not all with the same comb. My son and I were treated for 3 months at the institute, in the children’s department, 3 operations. And I am very grateful to the professionalism of Plavskikh Nikolai Vitalyevich and Pavel Nikolayevich and their resident Archil Ilyich. This is a doctor from God Unfortunately, I had something to compare. Alexander I can throw off your contacts, in PM, write to my address atiuna @

Good day! I want to viraziti great vydachnіst lіkarіmi dityacho ї neyrohіrrgії Plavskogo

Hotla podyakuvati Plavskomu

Plavsky Pavel Nikolaevich great clever. Saved my girl from a shunt, performed a complex endoscopic operation! Low bow to you, health to you and your loved ones.

Vladlena and everyone who reads Our diagnosis is sagittal cranio-stenosis. Us Plavsky

Good evening. Found your message. Tell me please, did you have surgery? We also have a minister of coronary suture and we are thinking about the operation. You did him, what reviews, how rehabilitation then?

Our homeland duzhe vdyachna lіkaryam Plavsky for her professional career that gold hand! Schyodnya dyakumo dolі for zustrіch z you, I write scho in ours kraynі є takі specialty, yak VI. I wish you- naykraschі !!)

Tanya, give your contacts. We want to talk with you. We were assigned an operation at Plavsky. We want to clarify some questions.

I found a driver’s license and some kind of certificate for Pavel Nikolayevich Plavsky, 80, who knows the mobile phone, let me know

Good day! Have you already found the master of the documents?

Thanks to Plavsky Pavel Nikolaevich and Plavsky Nikolay Vitalivechu, they saved my son! 2.7 years no one took us for us! (Fate itself brought them together, doctors from God. Thanks to all the staff, nurses, doctors on duty, resuscitation! Professionals. Tikhon is a healthy little boy and only a small scar indicates my feelings and tears. God bless you health

Can I contact you by phone, we need to go to a consultation with this doctor, I will be very grateful for the answer.

Dіysno, Plavsky Mikola Vіtalіyovich Mayster svogo dіla, vzhe 10 rokiv lіkuyusya in new. Worse

Institute of Neurokhirgіi bv our great nadієyu. Our Alysonskii was identified as a part of the brain. Khvoroba pіddavalasya lіkuvannya. Pislya stovіdsotkovih melodies Yury Oleksandrovich Orlova about the success of the day before the death of my child neyrohіrrgі. The date of the operation was determined – the operative position of the Bullets Plavskі – Pavlo Mikolayovich and Mikola Vіtalіyovich. Through the chalanity of the non-serous podhіd to the operative, the anaesthesiologist did not enter the transfer of the lick, needed for the operative, shelter, plasma, saying, you can buy, or you can not buy it, moreover, you can not get it. In the middle of the operation of the operation of the operation of the operation of the order of purchase and purchase of shelter, the goods were sold at a sale. The operation took place for about 3 years. Seeing the operation, it was unchallenged, it was ominous tsikh Plavskikh, stink rozkazali about those who yak passed the operation. Stinks were thrown away from our mother’s from one cab to the next. Potim was sealed off by cabins and talked about xvilin 20, just as long as they asked for us and read the descriptions of the operatives with such medical terms, because we couldn’t know about them. We weren’t alarmed by the operatives, but the stench was told to pay more on the next day for the poker balonies, the victorians had the hour of the opera. Not alarmed by those who anesthesiologist had noticed a bribe to a bribe (in all the licenses of the radio script about those who would give bribes), I’m motivated by the criteria that we pay tomorrow. Contrary, if already 2 of the rocky days of that northerly day have passed, so bi biowiti, I’m on my head, I’m rozmіyu, because they stink of a bully in the success of the operation. The last day ditinka did not come before you, men said, just show in normal. Ale on the New Year’s Day, if u

We also have a congenital cyst. How can I contact you? And we also went to this doctor.

Why the hell are you dishonoring these people? What the hell are insulting them? From the age of 13, they personally saved my life, and the only time my parents paid for the operation, blood, plasma and ESS, and they never paid anyone else, they saved me and pulled me from the world more than once, and for that I I will be grateful to them all my life

Goncharuk Oleg Aleksandrovich – neurosurgeon of the highest category, director of the Kiev city Left Bank consultative and therapeutic neurocenter, doctor of medical sciences, professor, Honored Doctor of Ukraine. This killer did a relative operation on my back … she had a hernia … (a woman came to the operation in a normal state, sociable, energetic) … operated three times a week and unsuccessfully … she screamed with a cry of crazy pain … he didn’t know what to do … He began to prick her narcotic drugs … put her to sleep every day so that she didn’t scream, she only slept … she didn’t take these drugs .. but he put her to sleep … because she didn’t know what to do with her .. she slept hungry for three days without the support of droppers … did not control her pressure … in pa he didn’t want to go in … nelud … pofigistic attitude … just looking at money … … my favorite aunt came to her health, and this killer killed her (we live killed … to think horribly) … nobody could think that she would die because of this creature … came for health .. and brought home in a coffin … did not even compensate for the loss … brought all the family great grief .. tears … … probably he has many such cases …. not capable .. means no need to take … it was necessary to connect other doctors … knowing that the patient in the ward lies screaming .. he was hiding .. bye I’m not going to catch up with him and don’t say that I’ve done something … .. he took his grandmother and he doesn’t care about everything else … ..whose everyone was shocked by this attitude towards the patient … so that she could kill her …….. they were also robbed in the hospital … .. before you go to him … think … this creature has a place behind bars … … such things will never be forgotten … .. God will judge him .. sees everything … ..

We want a great viraziti in vyachnіst for proving the operation (the sagittal extreme stenosis) to our girlfriend Caesar. Great for you uklіn Plavsky. P. M takozh vyslovlyumo vdachnіst Plavskomu. M. B, Voloshchuk. O. With that anastasiologist Protsenko. RV Tse lіkar with golden hands. May God bless you and prosper. Operation held

You can ask for your number, we will have an operation at Plavsky 0503250921

Tell me your phone number for the board !? The child also has synostosis, we are thinking about the operation, I would like to know a tip.

Please tell me who put a shunt in the spine in the lumbar region in 2003, may sooner or later wanted to know the condition of the child or teenager, since I meet people with shunts only in the head. Please need advice!

I myself was a patient of this institute and went through 4 surgeries there (bifida, shunting and two fixations of the spinal cord) so I can also say that not all doctors are bad although a pair of three had to change the head and hands .. including the anesthesiologist in his words about care, what the hell care when I went out after anesthesia spoke to me barked to be silent because the nurses are sleeping t to them because of me left and it’s nothing that your work doesn’t see this? workers. Many of them I will forget for a long time from the good ones I will note Protsenko

Brain cyst

My Mom was also operated on there, for 10 months now we can’t lose a bit after such

Good day to all, I read reviews and am amazed how many people there are and


… I observed terrible pictures of indifference to needy and dying patients. Terrible lack of sanitation, the wards did not quartz at all, the floors were washed occasionally, wheelchairs in the operating rooms with painted paint, a lot of rubbish in the corridors, and dirt in the common areas. Feeding with slop, but not slop kill, and doctors. Negligence of doctors, lack of professionalism of medical staff, lack of communication between departments, if a person became ill at night – it is useless to cry for help, they sleep at night! Run to the intensive care unit and look for the doctor on duty himself, do the injections yourself, look for the drugs yourself, do the enemas yourself. You that ohreneli, what enemas, and for which I paid 40,000. … The full text of observations and facts on the links.

Friends! Run! Run Farther from here. This is the place where they kill for your money. Watch the video HISTORY OF THE RABBIT WHICH RANDOMLY REMAINED LIVING there is the whole truth about the institute of neurosurgery and the family of guks! Rather, there is only that small part of all real horror! Take care and run away from here! It is a pity that we did not see this video earlier, it would save our grandmother!

Unfortunately, and we are faced with this terrible man Hooke

Yes, it is a pity, but the department of Gukov leaves much to be desired. Sanitation is complete, the treatment of patients as experimental materials. How, tell me, in the department where they perform complicated brain operations, where patients walk with a bandaged head – let all visitors in outerwear and without shoe covers? How is this possible? How can you not know the cost of the operation if you do them almost every day ?! How can one allow patients to escape through the back door, as if feeling that it is impossible to remain here. Legal impunity for the actions of Gukov leads to such a “post-Soviet” attitude towards the sick, to such rudeness and indifference, considering people only as a source of income. God is the judge, you have to pay for everything. In the meantime, patients pay with their savings, time and lives.

Brain cyst

See in YouTube Institute of Neurosurgery. Acad.

Kiev surgeons kill children, your children are pieces of meat : children die at the medical facility, your children there are meats: at Kiev’s medical bill, spawning a gucny scandal why people are so stupid and still go here. Read reviews, watch videos on the Internet – here every day patients die!

Save who can! Lay in this hell for 2 weeks! Family of gukov brazen extortionists and butchers! How nice that time thought better and fled from here! It’s terrible guys, avoid this place!

I visited the Gukov butchers’ office, after reading a lot of negative reviews and watching a YouTube video. thought crap, lie, exaggerate … But when I arrived at the department, I heard stories that I urgently need an operation, I measure it right before my eyes, so to speak – urgently for an operation! It said the younger Huk. Well, okay, I came to the eldest, I asked what it was for – says 50,000 surgery + rehabilitation, I ask how much more to pay, so that your doctors and nurses could see me and not throw them – the fairy tale went that everything would be ok. I give examples and facts on the reviews, here, people write, how so? I offered a VIP stay, with constant personal supervision … + 100k. I think ahrenet service. I went to Israel for a survey, paid only for a survey of 2300 euros, after which I was told that it was better not to touch it, but to watch. But how can ** this ** ka Hook be diagnosed and put on an operation just by looking at an MRI scan. Guys, you che, absolutely fucked up there.

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