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We make florariums, mobiles, caskets and concrete pots.

We conduct training and master classes. We live and work in Moscow.

What is florarium? And why should you choose our florarium?

Florarium – a glass form in which plants live. The shape can be geometric or just a vase or any other vessel.

We make our florariums for you manually, individually selecting the size and shape, as well as plants and the plot.

Is it possible to make a florarium independently?

Yes, of course you can! And it is quite easy!

If you have long dreamed of creating a composition of succulents and cacti in a geometric form, then you have found a place where you can buy everything you need for this!

You can buy from us not only ready-made florarium, but also a set for self-assembly of the composition in it. Thus, a gift to yourself or others becomes more interesting and more valuable!

Instructions for assembling florarium independently attached, as well as all the necessary components of the composition, and, of course, the glass form itself, which you can choose to your taste.

How to care for succulents?

There is a myth that for succulents do not

need to care. This is not so, let’s see!

Lighting. Succulents light is vital! Pots or florarium, where there are succulents must necessarily stand in a bright place in the sun. If the light is missed, the plant will quickly lose its shape of a beautiful outlet and will be long and ugly stretched out in search of some kind of light.

Watering. It’s all easy, but also very important. In no case should you pour and pour the succulents! Otherwise they will become transparent, rot and no longer save them. It is better to underestimate than re-cast in this case.

Autumn / winter – 1 time in 3/4 weeks,

Spring / summer – 1 time in 2 weeks.

Watering moderate, at the root.

How to care for florarium?

It is not difficult to care for florarium, but there are a few rules:

A florarium with succulents must be placed in a bright, sunny place – succulents and cacti love the light, if it is missed, as we have already written, the plants will lose their shape, stretch into long pods in search of light. The form of the outlet looks much more beautiful and correct, so keep it, do not put your pets in an unlit place!

Watering is necessary depending on the season – 1 time in 3/4 weeks, if it is autumn or winter, and 1 time in 2 weeks if it is spring / summer. Be sure to watch your plants, everything is individual and there may be amendments. It is convenient to water the succulents in the florarium using a large syringe. Remove the needle and pour water under the root of each plant, it is convenient in a limited space of the florarium.

Care Mirsinoy.

If your florarium with mirsinoy, or you chose a tree in our concrete pot, you need to know a few facts about caring for this plant:

1. Mirsin is light-requiring and the place in the room needs to be allocated sufficiently light, when placed in the shade, the tree will stop growing. But in direct sunlight a burn can happen, watch the plant and choose a bright enough place, but not with direct rays.

2. About watering. The soil should be slightly wet, but waterlogging is unacceptable. Watering should be every 5-6 days, quite abundantly, at the root of the tree. In the winter – once in 18-12 days.

3. It is recommended to prune the sprouting shoots to preserve the aesthetic crown of the tree.

Orchid care.

And what if your florarium with a composition in which there is an orchid ?!

Sun burn

This is also not a problem, see:

1. These plants adore high humidity. To moisten the foliage, as well as for irrigation, you need tepid, well-settled water. It is necessary to regularly spray the plant and water it moderately, making sure that the substrate has dried completely. Watering is more abundant in summer than in winter.

2. It is necessary to ventilate the room where the orchid is located, but carefully, avoiding drafts.

3. For such a plant light plays an important role. Light needs diffused and it should be a lot. In this regard, the flower should be placed on the brightest window. However, we must remember that it must be protected from direct sunlight!

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