How not to be sad

Poems about parents

Dear you, our good! How thank you for all you say? In our time, it is inconceivably difficult, It is very difficult to raise children. Sometimes we were so unbearable, All at once would be desirable to us. Until the end, you gave all your strength to your Daughters and sons. Dear you are our parents! So who else will love us? For a long, long time in the world you live, wisely, happily and well!

Thank you mom and dad

For moms and dads, which is the best in the world, For those who love us with all their hearts, Children say their “thank you”: Solid, teenagers, kids. Alas! – they grow up so quickly, They lose a thin thread with you, And they leave far from home, And they promise to call every day … And so summer flies over summer. You are waiting for them again and again. Thank you, parents, for this: For kindness, patience, love. May the good angel not leave you, The quiet light always shines in the soul, Let the children come to you more often Care and love giving in return.

Good verse for parents

People, the main thing in the world, kiss you many times! Your little children love you very, very much! From you, worthy and beautiful, We are ready to take an example: the Son is like a dad, will be strong, The Daughter is a hostess, like a mother. We will work ourselves And achieve success, And at the same time father and mother Never forget!

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Verse about parents

Visit more often relatives, Those who are closer to you all and more expensive. Visit while you are younger, But also remember them in old age. Return to your homeland. To visit your aged mother. Do not be lazy to send a telegram. In her life without you – mess. Show your kindness, Not sparing the accumulated affection, Without fear of shame, nor publicity, Filling the hearts of the void. Visit more often relatives, Those who are closer to you all and more expensive. Those that await you in the hallway, Among the walls are lonely empty. Verse author: Bogdan Khudaverd

Among the storms and among the calm, Among the nights and dawns, If two loved, The world is the third!

If scary at times, If thunderstorms rumble – Two rise And they bother over the third.

If they suddenly fall out of the way and parting – The third sighs bitterly And for two pulls hands …

Year after year, the days go by and pass … Achievement reaching – Two go to eternity …

Still others will become two … And again on the planet If two fall in love – A third will appear in the world …

Author: Elena Vesnova

*** I remember the childhood serene And the eyes of heavenly purity, The hands of my mother are gentle, The voice of the father and his features. So much for me you have done in life, So that I could become a man. Our feelings are time tested, and I want to tell you all the “thank you”.

*** It is not true that feelings weaken when old age comes. Love, as the highest art, The example of my parents is. Thank you for your concern. And they helped me not to stray from the path, And, when necessary, they instructed me in my childhood, and took care of bad temptations.

*** The sun is hidden in your heart, Sweet gentle mother. For the sake of children in the world you live And you are not tired of worries. Our parents gave us life, Happiness, goodness taught. So that the cherished thread did not break, the Light of the soul was presented!

Author: Mosunova Alexandra

Children’s verse. Surprise What strange creatures My parents always give me vows, promises, And they fulfill me sometimes.

How not to be sad

You will receive, they say, the top five – Let’s go on Saturday to the amusement park, In the apartment you will do the cleaning – Let’s enter the road to the zoo.

Well, I got it, and I did it too, I tried as if I was not me. And here is Saturday. So what? Where did the whole family go?

He got up early, and the house is quiet, Looking into the bedroom – mom and dad are not. And I believed … That was a famously, Not that I snatched the ticket!

So that I still, so that he tried – Well, they will not wait from me! Washed, quickly combed his hair, Parents with might and main scolding.

As soon as I got out of the bathroom, So slipped down the wall quietly down – They stand, as if, mum and dad And happily shout: “Surprise!”

But somehow strangely dressed up – Circus, perhaps, was invited into the house? Wearing noses and caps … – Well, ready? Go for a walk?

How not to be sad

I wanted to tell them very strictly: What will people say about the family? But for the sake of this holiday, I, so be it, will tolerate a little.

Waiting for a call They sit and look at the screen, Sad news is disturbing: Accident, exploding sedan … Goosebumps appear on the skin.

All guesses are thrown away – Desperately I don’t want to believe them. Oh, just used the daughter today! And in the world there is no measure to measure

All the bitterness from the ignorance of two, Each other consoling embarrassingly. Do not forget your parents! For them, your call is insurance … Lobanok Marina for http: //

How not to be sad

Verse of gratitude to parents Parents – this is not just a word, This is love, everything is ready, This is a vocation for life, These are those that we cherish. Parents – those who raised us, Who endured our whims at times, Who was ready to understand and forgive, Who did not give no reason to be sad. Parents taught us everything, They were true to their duty. They helped more than once or twice, Always choosing the right words. Parents are those who have always been there, who have shared joy and grief with us, who have always been our support, support, who will never leave us anywhere. Parents – those whose work is invaluable, Their contribution to our lives is important, although invisible, We will keep our parents in our hearts And every day we sincerely thank!

*** Dad and Mom, what to give back For all that you have done? How to measure, how to count, How much gave away love? You raised, you protected From the evil, misfortune and offense. You always did everything you could, How to thank you? You showed me a good example of honesty and kindness. Everywhere and everywhere, then and now I remember my family traits. You gave me so much heat, That you can warm the whole world. Your care and tenderness was only stronger with the course of years. There are neither moms nor dads weekends, No holidays, vacations. You can always disturb the family, And you will not hear evil words. I will always be grateful to you, dear ones, to bring. Dad and Mom, I love you so much, May God always keep you.

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