Signs of lies

Professional computer polygraphs IMPORTANT.

ANO DPO TsP “ANTEI” specializes in the sale of professional computerized polygraphs, the “line” of academician, doctor of biological sciences, colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Technique Varlamov is in service with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, UFSIN, UFMS and other power structures of the Russian Federation.


A polygraph is a universal device that is designed to obtain data on whether a person is telling the truth. This device also has another common unofficial name – a lie detector. Buy a polygraph can be in the center of “ANTEY”.

How does the polygonaf?

Lie detector – a complex integrated device. It consists of the following elements:

  • sensors. With their help, you can receive and monitor data on the psycho-physiological state of the test;
  • COMPUTER. It is a stationary computer. It records and processes the information that the sensors provide. The data is then translated into an analog code;
  • output device. Prints a polygram with the status of the test. The output device can serve as an oscilloscope, printer, computer monitor.

How does the polygraph work?

Polygraph created in order to detect signs of stress. It registers the following main psycho-physiological indicators:

  • arterial pressure;
  • respiratory rhythm;
  • pulse rate;
  • sweating.

Sensors are attached to the test body. After that the prepared questions are asked. When giving a false response, the subject changes the physiological reactions, which fixes the lie detector. Thus, the device does not directly reveal a lie, but only captures the reaction to questions. The interpretation of this reaction is the work of the polygraph examiner.

How is the polygraph applied?

Lie detectors have found application in many fields. Often their use is the only way to verify the veracity of words. Polygraphs use:

  • to check the staff of companies. Most often, such checks are resorted to by large corporations;
  • to investigate crimes. Devices help establish the suspect’s guilt or innocence;
  • in particular cases. For example, these are cases of detection of marital fidelity, use in various TV shows and


In our organization you can buy a lie detector from one of the market leaders – the School of Academician Varlamov company. This technique is in service in the power structures of the Russian Federation. Here are just its main advantages:

  • the highest accuracy of work, having documentary evidence;
  • universality and reliability of work;
  • low cost due to the absence of customs duties and other extra charges.

You can choose one of the three most popular and modern polygraph models from us, as well as purchase an audio-video complex, the use of which is necessary for lie detection. By making a purchase from us, you can be sure that you are purchasing equipment that meets all international standards.

Computer polygraph BARRIER -14

In essence, it is the first link in the series of proposed polygraphs. It is used mainly for screening (checks for hiring). An important distinctive feature of the system Barrier-14 is automatic determination of the individual level of a person’s psychoemotional response before the examination. The result of the high appraisal of this device was the acquisition by representatives of the United States of 18 devices of this model. The cost of 88,000 rubles. Read more about the device.

Computer polygraph KRIS

Signs of lies

It is used in the operational-search work, as well as in the course of internal proceedings on the facts of abuse and theft. Being a further development of Barrier-14, Chris already includes three special scales (PS) that control the work of the frontal lobe of the brain of the subject. The cost of 140,000 rubles. Read more about the device.

Computer polygraph RIF

Precision computer polygraph. Sensitivity sensors RIF maximum possible. The sensor unit of the device is shielded from mobile phones and other radio electronic and electromagnetic effects. Used in specials. divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and MO. The cost of 224,000 rubles. Read more about the device.

The leader of sales 2016 – 2018.

Signs of lies

Audio-video complex AVK-02

When conducting a survey using a polygraph, according to international standards, it is necessary to use parallel recording of video and audio information of the process. To eliminate the possibility of juggling the results of polygraphic checks and unfounded claims to testing, AVK-02 audio-video complex was developed. The cost of 15 000 rubles. Read more about the complex.

All devices are certified and have a 10-year warranty.

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