How to cook muffins

[dropcap type = "1 ″] About [/ dropcap] that such muffins, surely know everything! These small cupcakes from the air dough with various fillings are considered to be an ideal treat for picnics and children’s parties. They are convenient to eat, easy to transport and can be kept warm for a relatively long time. Muffin muffins can be classic sweet with fruit, berry, chocolate and cottage cheese fillings, as well as savory. Then they add finely chopped ham, sausages, grated cheese, herbs and vegetables. According to historical data, cupcakes with a pretty name “muffin” appeared in England in the XI century, borrowing the name from the French word “moufflet”, meaning “soft bread”.

How to cook muffins

Bake the muffins!

In Russia, muffins are no less popular than in Europe and America. We bake muffins for a long time. And for the long history of the existence of this uncomplicated, but very tasty baking, many secrets of its preparation have appeared. In general, muffins are a cross between a cake and a cake. Put less sugar, more milk and eggs – the dough will be heavier, and the finished product will be like a cupcake. Add more sugar and decorate the top with cream – you’ll have a mini-cake.

How to cook muffins

There are 2 ways to make muffins: American, with the addition of slaked soda or baking powder, and English, which involves the preparation of muffins from yeast dough. And in fact, and in other ways there are general rules for cooking.

Rule number 1 – always use chilled butter so that it can be cut into pieces before adding to the dough.

Rule number 2 – strictly follow the sequence of input ingredients. First mix with a mixer sugar and chilled butter in the form of pieces. Then we add eggs into the mixture, and after that – sifted flour. Last pour milk into the dough. After adding each component, mix the mixture slowly.

Rule number 3 – add fillings at the very end, especially fruit and berry. It is advisable to pre-mix fruits and berries with flour, so that it draws out extra juice, and the dough does not turn out too heavy.

Rule number 4 – choose the right molds for muffins. The ideal option is to line the existing silicone or metal molds with oiled and floured paper molds. It is necessary to fill the form only by 2/3, because in the baking process the dough increases in volume.

Rule number 5 – bake muffins in a closed oven, heated to 180-190 ° C for 25 minutes, then check the readiness with a thin wooden stick. If the stick remains dry, you can turn off the oven and let the muffins cool slightly.

How to cook muffins

Classic Muffins

Making mini-cupcakes, you can easily experiment. However, classic muffins are prepared according to a clear recipe. For work we take:

  • wheat flour – 1 cup
  • warm milk – 1 cup
  • sugar –
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