Dystrophy in children
Dystrophy is a pathological process when tissues lose or accumulate substances that are not
Constipation in pregnant women what to do
Constipation in pregnant women is a common problem. Up to half of pregnant women
Can fibroids hurt during pregnancy
Myoma during pregnancy is a benign tumor that grows in the uterus from muscle
Keratitis is traumatic or infectious corneal disease eyes, manifested by its clouding. The occurrence
If the child is often sick
There is nothing worse for parents than a sick child. To look at a
Headache during pregnancy that you can drink
Ivan Drozdov The good mood and joy of a pregnant woman from the future
Frequent colds in a child
Preventing colds in children, colds in infants Children often suffer from acute viral infections
With ectopic pregnancy
The development of a fertilized egg outside the uterus is classified in gynecology as
Content: Dr. Komarovsky has already become a kind of idol among young parents. Everyone
Dwarfism in children
Dwarfism – a disease of the endocrine system in which growth is observed below
What is possible during pregnancy from a headache
Few women do not consider pregnancy a disease. During this period, girls begin to
A one year old child has a temperature of 39
One-year-old children can often get sick and catch a cold. Elevated temperature is an
Early toxicosis pregnant
What is toxicosis, many pregnant women know. It is usually considered that toxicosis is
How much should a child be awake in 1 month
When a couple has a baby, its usual lifestyle changes radically. A myriad of
Genital herpes in children photo
Herpes is a viral infection that affects not only adults but also children. Since