Chest hurts in the nipple area

According to statistics, 60% of women who have reached reproductive age periodically worry about nipple sensations. Pain can be both an alarming symptom and a normal physiological phenomenon. In order to understand when it is worth sounding the alarm, if the nipples on the chest hurt, you need to familiarize yourself with the most common causes of these unpleasant feelings.

Changes in hormonal background

Pain in the nipples can be a consequence of changes in the hormonal background of a woman, which occurs for several reasons:

  • the organism prepares for the beginning of the menstrual cycle, during this period the nipples swell and become more sensitive;
  • a woman takes oral contraception for a long time;
  • The fair sex is at the beginning of the pregnancy;
  • failure of the hormonal system – a consequence of diseases of the reproductive system;
  • a woman does not live a regular sex life.

If the pain appeared for one of the above reasons, the discomfort applies only to the nipples, not touching the mammary glands.

Nipple pain in lactating women

Breastfeeding is a difficult process. Violation of the technique of the procedure often leads to nipple microtraumas. Pain can also occur as a result of improper breast care during lactation.

Chest hurts in the nipple area

The following preventive measures will help to insure yourself against the appearance of nipple soreness:

  • master the technique of breastfeeding, if necessary, consult with your doctor about this;
  • use sanitary pads for the mammary glands so that the nipples do not remain wet for a long time;
  • if there are wounds on the chest, treat them with an antiseptic;
  • Moisten nipples and mammary glands with natural oils or special creams;
  • pick up good underwear.

Proper care of the nipples and mammary glands during lactation will save you from the appearance of unpleasant sensations and the development of serious diseases.

Pain as a symptom of breast disease

The appearance of pain in the nipple area can be a sign of a serious chest disease:

Chest hurts in the nipple area

  1. Mastitis – an infectious-inflammatory process in the chest. In this disease, the mammary gland swells. Only the right or left nipple can hurt, depending on what kind of breast has affected the ailment. Mastitis develops as a result of the entry of harmful bacteria into the breast tissue. The cause can also be severe hypothermia.
  2. Mastopathy is a process of pathological proliferation of breast tissue, which is accompanied by fibroadenosis and the formation of cysts. The disease is most common in women over the age of 30. It occurs as a result of excessive production of estrogen or prolactin. For the disease is characterized by the appearance of pain in the nipples and mammary glands, an increase in the size of the breast and lymph nodes in the armpits.

What other reasons can nipples hurt?

A woman’s nipples can be sore due to a breast injury. The reason may be the use of products that dry the skin. For example, soap or shower gel with an aggressive composition. Nipple pain may occur due to an allergic reaction to the fabric of your underwear or clothing.

Lack of choice

The pain may result from wearing the wrong bra. The linen should be made of natural materials, fit to the size and not have seams on the inside of the cups.

Wearing a bra that damages the skin of the mammary glands can lead to serious illness as a result of infection of the tissues.

What if nipples hurt?

If a woman is worried about pain in the nipple area, first of all she should contact a mammologist. He will conduct a survey, during which he will find out whether the discomfort is accompanied by other symptoms. Then he will examine the mammary glands, after which he will prescribe the necessary examinations for the diagnosis.

When a specialist makes a diagnosis, he will select the appropriate treatment, if there is a need for it, and tell you how to properly care for the breast.

If the pain bothers you for a long time, do not hope that they will pass by themselves. Discomfort in the nipple area can be a disturbing symptom. To insure yourself from developing a serious illness, do not delay your visit to the doctor.

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