Right brain versus left brain

Points with holes. Help or not?

So it is time to tell the whole truth about the glasses with holes. I have long been interested in this product, so I have to work a lot at the computer, which does not have the best effect on my eyesight. I bought glasses with holes even before they were told in the program “Health”. Actually, now it’s time to dot the “i”.

So many users ask the following questions:

Right brain versus left brain

  1. Where to buy glasses with holes?
  2. Do hole glasses improve vision?
  3. Is it possible to work with a computer with glasses?

I answer point by point.

Right brain versus left brain

Where to buy glasses with holes?

Glasses with holes can be bought at the pharmacy, or in the store selling points. The cost, as a rule, is 500-600 rubles. As it seems to me, this is too expensive, so the red price for such points, together with the case is 150-200 rubles.

Glasses with holes cost 500-600 rubles, along with a case and instructions for use

Do hole glasses improve vision?

Glasses with holes create the illusion of improving vision, during their use. This was told by the guest of Elena Malysheva, professor, ophthalmologist, chief physician and leading surgeon of the Konovalov Ophthalmological Center Konovalov ME, in the program “Health”, which aired on the first channel on April 22, 2012.

“The first effect that is used when wearing glasses into the hole is the effect of the diaphragm (peeping through the hole, into a small hole). At the moment of peeping, the person focuses his vision on the point of better vision – the macula. Therefore, he can see everything well. But as soon as the whole picture opens – it is blurred. The same effect is used when wearing glasses in the hole. A person sees better only when he wears these glasses.

The second effect is lateral inhibition. When a person puts on perforating glasses, the macula is projected onto some specific hole in the glasses, the person does not look at all of the holes, but only one – the one that places the image on the best vision point (on the macula). But as soon as the glasses are removed, the effect of improving visual acuity disappears completely.

Today, eye diseases are very well treated. Do not buy glasses in the hole, do not spend money on the wind, and consult an ophthalmologist. "

Right brain versus left brain

In glaucoma and retinal dystrophy, wearing glasses in the hole is contraindicated!

Is it possible to work with a computer with glasses?

With glasses with holes, you can work at a computer, but you don’t need it, so you can’t buy vision.

Conclusion: About any improvement in speech can not go.

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+100 500 acquaintance yuzal them even 10 years ago, no good. As a result, had surgery in Cheboksary, and then dumped to Israel)

Damn, all around one divorce. Sellers, if my memory serves me, this product is called "Points with diopters" and say that they miraculously improve vision. Sadly, glasses with holes are sold in pharmacies. It turns out that instead of selling glasses that improve vision in pharmacies, they sell glasses that worsen it.

If you want to improve your vision, it’s better to read (or watch video tutorials) Zhdanov’s lectures, there are different gymnastics there and it really works, you will improve your vision from

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