Has changed her husband at the wedding

I want to tell you one interesting parable: “Once a man came to God and said that he was very bored by himself. Then God promised him to create a woman. Only then did he realize that there was absolutely no material left, and he acted as follows: he collected the warmth of the sun’s rays, the tenderness of the summer breeze, the fragrance of a blossoming rose, the beauty of a swan, the grace of a cat. But it seemed to him that a very perfect creature had come out, and he added the inconstancy of the wind, the thorniness of the blizzard, the cunning of the fox, the vengefulness of the wasp, the cold of the stone, the greed of the shark. As a result, a real woman was born. When God showed her to a man, he said: “Take it for what it is and do not try to redo it.” Let’s drink to ensure that we remain as we are, do not adapt to other people and value our individuality.

Today only one toast is holy – For a woman! After all, it is a lot. To stand them in full growth And keep your head high! Glory to our girls, Gentle and charming! Glory to our women, sweet and kind!

Let’s drink, brothers, wine at this hour We are for the women left by us, And for the women who left us. And for those who walk not with us. And we wish each of the four animals: “Jaguar” – in the garage, Arctic Fox – on his shoulders, Leo – in bed, And a ram, who would have paid for it all.

One famous person said: “Being a man is a lot, but being a woman is even more!” Let’s drink to our dear <>which is not only an excellent worker, but also a wonderful woman. For her ability to always look charming, cheer up, support and professionally do her job!

My toast to women! If I am a planet, That woman is like the sky above me, Everlasting nourishing glob of the earth And with gentle warmth and light. And if I myself – the sky, it is Like the sun in it – the source and beginning of All that lived, moved, sounded, All living things than the earth is full.

Who looks at women impassively, He prepares a trap for them, Who looks at them very passionately. Also wants to catch a trap. What do women do in return? The answer is to surrender without struggle. Lovely women captured, love! For them I drink, and for the men they have in captivity!

If women are compared with flowers, then some are beautiful like roses, others are like lilies, others are like mysterious violets … Let us drink to this blooming bouquet.

While the man thinks, the woman already knows the answer. Let’s drink for female intuition, which works faster than male logic.

What – gold il slander rumors? We begin to realize with years: More valuable than all the treasures in the world – you And children, born to you in the world! Light, invincible – like a dream, Swift – like swallows in flight, Vivifying – like a thunderstorm ozone … Thank you for living on earth!

Maybe the horse will not stop, But into the fire, if necessary, it will go, And if she wants anything, She will definitely take it. What moves her, where do the forces come from? In a weak body with full power life. No matter how much the winds carry it, She will rise again and stand. I drink for the mystery of female affection And for strength in girl’s hands. Do you think these are just fairy tales? This is wisdom that has lived through the ages!

Dear ladies, I want to raise this glass for you! And not just raise, and say a toast! A toast about how we love you all, and, above all, love for the fact that you love us, although sometimes it is not at all clear for what. And I also want to say thank you to each of you, thank you that we have you, and that you please us with the warmth of your smiles and the glitter of your eyes!

For those who are dear and sweet, To whom love itself attracts! Here, God forbid, I only have the strength To go out even once more crazy! And, my first-ever duty, All that is, rising, For our ladies, for lovely women I proclaim this toast!

Wife stands in front of a mirror. Husband to wife: – Honey, of course, you can young as much as you want, but remember one thing, the age difference between you and your daughter should be at least nine months. Let’s drink to the beautiful women, age over which is not powerful.

Be always beautiful and carefree. Out of your problems and affairs, So that every counter you could not help thinking, Oh, what a woman was!

Make-up do not forget, of course, Even if you are going home, So that every oncoming thought involuntarily Oh, what a lady, my God!

And one more advice carefree- Sometimes ryumashechku accept, To unwittingly thought every counter Oh, what a woman, damn it!

Be a confident girl, In your struggle, in your path, in destiny. In the crowd, hold on as if you were alone, As if you were born a goddess!

Sweet, kind, tender – You are so beautiful now! Let the same fresh, With bright sparkles of eyes, You will delight us for a long time, On our Birthday we will be the Best award in the world, The most charming of all ladies! Let us drink to ensure that your gaze does not darken your gaze, Let’s drink to the fact that with age To be in it, as before, the enthusiasm!

I will take in a glass a piece of the sun, Spring purity of Heaven, I will add the tenderness of the hands of my beloved And the crazy warmth of the lips. I will add jealousy and sadness And this potion will be sipped … For these incomprehensible women, Who I love all the same!

The beauty of women depends not on the brilliance of her diamonds, but on the brilliance in her eyes. Let us drink to women and wish that the hearts of men would light up from the radiance of your eyes.

In ancient times, a huge eagle, the king of all birds, lived in an inaccessible ravine in the Caucasus. Every day he circled the world in search of precious stones, which he then strung into a necklace of extraordinary beauty. But once a trouble happened – the necklace was accidentally torn, and all the gems scattered around the world, and several of them fell at our table. Let’s drink it for them, namely for the beautiful women who are now with us!

I wish that the sky was – forever. So that the sun rises every day, Cold water from a spring I wish my heart to rejuvenate. I wish that the eagle flew there, Where miracle thunder, he was married with lightning. Let there be women forever! Raise this toast – for women!

Once I read this phrase: “Charm is a way to get an answer“ yes ”without asking a question.” I offer to drink for us, the most charming women who know what they want and know how to get it!

Once a man did not know what to give his wife. And asked a friend. A friend advised him to give the same thing that the wife gave the man, just the opposite. The man gave her socks inside out. So let’s drink for the fact that we still have a fantasy!

The kiosk sold greeting cards with the inscription: “My only, beloved for life.” A young man came up: – Please give me a dozen of such cards. So let’s drink for a kind of male logic!

The Frenchwoman has fifty-two purses and the same pair of shoes in the closet, and the American doesn’t bother about clothes at all, but she secretly still wants to look beautiful. Eastern women sometimes dare not raise their gaze to their husbands, it’s not like choosing a wardrobe! And our Russian women can do anything, although they often don’t have what the French, American and Eastern women have! Because Russian women are the best! So let’s drink for our Russian women, who are no more beautiful than anyone else in the world!

And God forbid you, do not know the sadness, From the malicious jokes of fools. And God forbid, do not know sadness, From swords, uniforms and mustaches. And so that your age is not overshadowed by rivals false beauty. And so that at your feet always lay uniforms, swords and mustaches.

Has changed her husband at the wedding

In ancient times, the devil and the angel lived. The devil liked the beautiful fairy, and the angel liked the devil. They merried. They lived a year, and the angel turned into a devil, and the devil became an angel. So let’s drink to women who can make an angel out of any devil!

Life would, of course, be empty, Be it beauty is not marked. And when they say – beauty, I always see a woman. No, the blood will not be cooled down, Who in the glory has not remained ignorant. Where a woman is, there is love, And with love, and faith with hope. This is the biggest capital, That was not in itself secured … And I raise my glass For a beautiful part of humanity!

It attracts to itself, Radiated with kindness and fun. And all that is on the table, She prepared with singing. She knows how to live easily, Get up after bitter falls, Able to give hope, Save from unnecessary doubts. For a woman to drink is not a sin, We will raise our glasses For the better life of all, So that the woman would not know sorrow.

Crystal glass is waiting for a long time already wine, Let’s fill to the edge. He will bring warmth to our souls, So that the cold will no longer be known. For women who keep comfort and peace, For those who life adorns us, Today, with a special, we drink warmth, And they generously wish you happiness!

Ten years of love affairs turn a woman into a wreck. Twenty years of marriage makes her look like a public building. For women over whom time has no power!

We are thirsty torment all the stronger! And if you are a man, drink, Forgetting the good, comfort and things, Raise your glass for women!

Like a breeze in the heat of half a day, Like a rain in the sun, You come to life a little nervously, But you carry with you a good seal. You involuntarily give happiness to many, But you endure a lot of troubles yourself, Fall and get back on your feet, As if there is no other way out. I drink for the strength of the heart, spirit, blood, For the tireless work of the soul. Be a blessing to you for many, And you yourself live happily!

When a beautiful woman enters the hall, the men fall silent. They fall silent because they admire it and are speechless. Many want to say compliments, but do not dare. So let us drink to a beautiful woman, that men were never afraid to give her compliments and always gave her only good words!

Dear girls! Do not like bachelors, do not marry the other, and will pass you by. Do not love divorced, divorced his wife and you will find yourself in her place. Do not like widowers, ruined his wife and will not spare you. Love Married – he loves his wife and will be carrying you in his arms! So let’s drink to the right choice!

The age of a woman is divided into periods: up to 30 years and from 30 years to 30 with a little. Let’s drink for a small addition, which is always less than the true age of a woman.

So – for women! So that they languish And tenderness, And the courage of the stock. So that without resistance They at the mercy Tigers surrendered, Dormant in us!

Though sexy, but innocent, Stranger (there is no kin!), I praise my “half” (since I see myself in it!): She’s so-so-so-so-No years do not take … years … A wonderful toast about her, hiccup Worried – I always say. No smarter, more beautiful in the light of white (All cats in the district are in a trance!) … Let’s merge so that we cannot disassemble in one whole: where am I? where are you?! No, you are more beautiful than me, already … Be a half with her husband!

One well-known ballerina was a matchmaker of a no less famous oligarch. Everything seemed to go well for them, it was already going for the wedding, but the occasion prevented it. On the birthday of the ballerina, the oligarch referred to employment and could not congratulate her personally, so the gift — a large box from under the vacuum cleaner — was sent by courier. Ballerina was indignant, told the groom a lot of nasty things that he was stingy and saved on the gift, and after such a trick she is not going to continue the relationship with him. However, some time later, the ballerina still wondered what was in the ill-fated box. So it turned out the wedding ring and the card with the proposal to marry. Let’s drink for the fact that behind the external form we can always see the internal content!

Our first love and happiness, In the best aspiration – the first hello, In the battle for the right – the fire of complicity, Woman – music. The woman is the light.

If a woman walks down the street with her head held high, then she has a man. If a woman walks down the street and smiles, then she will have a man. So let’s drink to the woman who smiles!

We drink, men, for our ladies – They are like gold bars … I do not know who, but I will give myself to them to the thin thread. And there is still one among them (To find such, passionate in passion …), So she is ready to give herself to the bottom and … this bottle here!

Female logic – this is when gradually excluding your mistakes, you still come to the correct answer. For cleverness!

There are like two friends. One asks – Are you expecting a baby again? – Yes – And who is the father? – Yes, my ex-husband, who left me with three children, came to apologize. Anecdote joke. Let’s drink to our dear women, whose emotions prevail over common sense.

Let’s drink to all the women sitting at our table, because the main wealth of Russia is not oil and not gas, and not even the prime minister with the president! The main property of our country is women and children, but since children cannot be drunk, they have to drink for women! May they be as beautiful, intelligent and adorable!

If a woman does not find any virtues in a man, then this man is her husband. If a man in a circle of friends excitedly praises a woman, this woman is his lover. Let’s drink for the wife to praise her husband more often, and her husband did not find any virtues in his mistress!

Between the banks a fragile bridge – Through the rocks, turbulent waters flow …. For women, I propose a toast – For all-all-all, without exception! For the mother-in-law, you need to understand – the stamen of a wild flower; For the life of the bestowing mother, And for the sister, for the miracle daughter! For the grandmothers in the world of all, Long to live in the world! For granddaughters, their magical laughter, For wives – they deserved it too! And for other ladies I know, For whom to drink is not at all a disgrace!

Women are not taken to ask about age, firstly, not decently, and secondly, it is dangerous to strike. Therefore, I’ll just say a toast for such a beautiful and charming woman, dear to you happy birthday and never calculate your age, wrinkles appear from this, but we don’t want it!

In honor of the cute (Name) vines drink blood! Flaming love in her heart. Ready to drink everything again and again We are for her and praise. In addition, champagne from the ice. Another delight will add to us!

Crystal glass is waiting for a long time already wine, Let’s fill to the edge. He will bring warmth to our souls, So that the cold will no longer be known. For women who keep comfort and peace, For those who life adorns us, Today, with a special, we drink warmth, And they generously wish you happiness!

I wish you many years of Caucasian, So as not to consider their years! To the ability to build eyes Do not disappear never! So that it was a long “Indian summer”, So that the victories had a light account, That everything flowed easily, like this Drink would flow down my throat! (the main thing here is not to choke).

Our motto is unbeatable! Excite and do not give!

The outstanding Polish satirist Stanislav Jerzy Lec said: the eternal mystery is not the one that has no clue, but the one that has a new clue every day. Let’s drink to our mysterious women who do not cease to surprise us every day with new clues!

Women! I would like to wish you four animals: a hole on the shoulders, a “jaguar” in the garage, a lion in bed and a ram who would pay for all this!

A woman is a crossword puzzle, which only love can solve. Let’s drink to the women and to find the one who can solve this crossword puzzle.

I want the sky to be – forever. I want the sun to rise every day, I want my heart to rejuvenate The murmuring water from a spring. I want the eagle to fly up there, Where the temple roars – with a lightning wed. I want women to be always! And this means that my toast is for women!

Woman created from extremes. It can be a reason for the feat, or just a trophy for this feat. She can love a man who is capable of anything, or not at all capable of anything. She can adore the hero who sacrifices the common good for her, or who abandons her for the common good. She can be a witch or a saint, dying from great love or killing her love … But most importantly, all women are beautiful! So let’s drink to them.

I changed my wife to my husband once – a brick fell out of the wall. Changed the second time – the second brick fell out … So let’s drink to the women, before whom the walls are crumbling!

Has changed her husband at the wedding

Carry women in your arms, Catch their smile on your lips, You will see so much joy in your eyes, And so much happiness in loving hearts! Indeed, in life the main thing: to find love, And carry tenderness of feelings through the years. Let’s drink to the dream. To find the only one! Let’s drink to the charm of women, for their captivating smiles! The path of the eyes sparkle, and the joy does not descend from the beautiful faces!

How nice that a friend is like you I can boast. And your innermost dream, only to share with you! You never compare with anyone, I trust you all the secrets. And believe me very highly, I appreciate your friendship and advice!

Who loves the languid moon, Who – a stranger wife, Who speak, who listen. But who, referring to the whole world, Does not like to eat well? For the dear owner!

Still, women are unpredictable. A certain woman found out that her ex-husband married a young neighbor and decided to take revenge on him with a purely female perfidy: she married the father of this neighbor, and all in order to become a mother-in-law for her ex-husband. Let us drink to our women and to ensure that they have no reason to commit such unpredictable acts.

When you have minor troubles, smile. When big problems, laugh. When asked about your age … lie! Happy Birthday!

It is said that God created Eve from Adam’s rib. Personally, I do not believe in it, how then can the edge of the first peasant on earth be to make such a miracle as a woman happen? It seems to me that a woman consists of a heap of different materials, not yet fully studied by a man. So let us drink to ensure that we, the peasants, could not fully explore this material, otherwise the world will become uninteresting. For lovely ladies!

For the weak fair sex, For our bright faces, For the friendly table, Where we sit well! For the ardor that has not died away, For the maelstrom of love burning And all that is still with us – At least just in case! For the eternal soul of the fire, For our men’s “brand” For the charms of women’s charms – Yes, can I not drink a cup ?!

Drink for the lovely ladies beautiful, With a good heart, uncompromising! For the beloved, gentle, proud, For the talented, submissive! We raise glasses Happy women want!

It is absolutely clear to us that without the sky, without the sun, without water, without nature, the world could not exist. In the same way, we, men, cannot exist without our dear women, who are able to share our sorrow, comfort with a kind word and give practical advice. So let us drink to the beautiful women – our friends and associates!

Still, women are unpredictable. A certain woman found out that her ex-husband married a young neighbor and decided to take revenge on him with a purely female perfidy: she married the father of this neighbor, and all in order to become a mother-in-law for her ex-husband. Let us drink to our women and to ensure that they have no reason to commit such unpredictable acts.

Who loves the stars and the moon, Who – the faithful friend – the wife, Who to talk, who loves to listen, And I love, friends, eat! And therefore I am in full growth I drink our toast to the hostess!

A real woman is one that can preserve the love of a husband for many, many years, and this presupposes much: a loving wife, a beautiful man, a good housewife, a caring mother. Let’s drink to real women!

I want to drink for women, for the fact that they love us, men, no matter what. Women forgive us, give us their tenderness and loyalty, allow us to care for them, to fulfill their whims. You are very dear to us, so I want to allow myself to say such a comic phrase: “I look at you and think: how a little glass of my blood at breakfast has a beneficial effect on a woman.” For you, for your beauty and understanding!

One famous person said: “Not a single person has lived this life if he has not been purified by the love of a woman, supported by her courage and is guided by her modest prudence!” Let’s drink to our beautiful women who make our lives rich and interesting. Thank you for the fact that you are ready to go with us in life, sharing all the joys and failures. Love you! And good mood!

Husband asks his wife: “My dear, and if I suddenly went broke, would you still love me?” My wife thoughtfully replied: “Of course, dear, but I would miss you very much!” Let’s drink for the love of women, the hottest , the most disinterested and most necessary for our beloved men!

Oh, copper hair and eyebrows are arrows, Oh, a look that burns with fire, Fighting to death the most daring. Oh, the cheeks – a pair of ripe apples, And the whiteness of the turned hands, And the shoulders of your backward swan, And the lush thighs of the semicircle. Raised in love rage The elastic ass, which even the Elders are awakened by heat in the blood, And hidden among strong thighs A garden of pleasure and love.

Here is a red-rose wine, Drink rosy wives for health, How joyful it is to our heart With a crimson kiss on our lips! You also blush, good, – You kiss me, soul. For the women present!

I drink for you, o woman, o fairy! – Not because I am ready to drink: I drink for you, with a soul of reverence, Entering into ecstasy … so I drink for you!

You, I know, have a secret, for they have no power over the years! I know you for many years, And everything is just as fresh and young! So let’s drink for the wonders! What help the ladies do not grow old, And this secret protect the heavens! It remains for us to look with a fade!

Recently, I was in France and got into conversation with a Parisian. “A good woman,” he said, “is one whose husband and lover are.” – Is it? And I thought it was bad, ”I said. – No, the bad is the one that has only a lover. “I thought it was fallen.” – No, the fallen one is the one that has no one. – I thought it was lonely. – No, single is the one with one husband. So let’s drink, dear friends, for single women!

I do not need kilograms of powder And the catalog of masks to anything. In order to be wise in my life, I live only by my heart. And raising a glass today, I am not afraid to admit for all: I am the most alive woman, I don’t have a real one on earth. It is necessary – I will enter the scorching fire, No – I can easily be weak. After all, for a woman for the most real No barriers, and I drink for it!

My dear, I drink for you, for your everlasting beauty and charm, for your age to tear off only new facets in you, and you will shine with them like a jewel in expensive frames! After 50 years, it is still not much, and your become and your beautiful eyes completely shade your small wrinkles!

I want a breath of breeze, I want the sun to rise in the morning, That a woman should give her love, Like a sip of water in the heat from a spring. For my beloved woman!

Here is a red-rose wine, Drink rosy wives for health, How joyful it is to our heart With a crimson kiss on our lips! You also blush, good, – You kiss me, soul. For the women present!

Elizabeth Taylor once said: “I know that I am beautiful, although my legs are short, my feet are too big, and my hips are wide. In addition, I have several chins, and in general I am too full. ” Let’s drink for the beauty of this, the beauty that possesses an intelligent and smart woman, for the beauty that men appreciate, for the beauty for which insane acts are done. For you, dear women!

The cares of the day, like dogs, hate me ingloriously, A trap horn calls out, I run like a boar. And I was driven – catchers got, hurt. So we drink for those who treat us from wounds!

Dear women, Congratulations! Let the mood be sunny and joyful! I wish you love, beauty, And fulfillment of a dream! Raise glasses together For women, it is very necessary to drink!

I will take in a glass a piece of the sun, Spring purity of Heaven, I will add the tenderness of the hands of my beloved And the crazy warmth of the lips. I will add jealousy and sadness And this potion will be sipped … For these incomprehensible women, Who I love all the same!

Women are amazing creatures, they are all different and unique, but one and all have great power over us, men. I want to raise a glass for the most beautiful women, thank them for making our lives brighter and fuller. I asked a familiar woman what the strength of women was, and she answered in a dream that a long time ago one famous woman had already answered this question: “We, women, have only two weapons … Mascara and tears, but we cannot use both at the same time. “

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